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About Children's Dental Sealants

Even if your child is brushing and flossing twice a day, it may not be enough to prevent all cavities. Children tend to be more susceptible to cavities but thankfully, dental sealants offer another layer of protection. Sealant is designed to protect the tooth’s enamel from bacteria, and it can be easily applied and offer years of lasting protection. If your child is prone to cavities, we’ll discuss whether or not this treatment is right for them.

Kids Dental Sealants

Benefits of Dental Sealants

  • Helps prevent cavities

  • Helps prevent gum disease

  • Improves oral health and overall health

  • Encourages good oral hygiene

  • Brightens their smile

  • Allows for oral problems to be spotted early on

About the Procedure

Thornton Kids Dentistry specializes in dentistry for young children, and we have years of experience in dental sealant services. Applying dental sealant is a quick and effective process that results in long-term protection. First, the teeth are cleaned and dried thoroughly. Then, an acid solution is placed on the surface of the teeth. This ensures the sealant will bond to the teeth. The solution is then wiped off, rinsed, and dried. Finally, the sealant is painted onto the enamel of the tooth where it will harden and bond to the tooth. The procedure is done in no time, and your child will have the lasting protection they need for the health of their teeth.

Contact Thornton Kids Dentistry today to learn more about our dental sealant services and how we can help improve your child’s oral health!

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